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‏2014-02-25T22:10:13Z |

This community was set up by one of my team leads.


In Firefox 27.0.1

The link to the wiki page does not take me to the ULR in the hyperlink.

When the owner uses the link he gets to the correct page.  When I use the link I get rerouted to the "My Wikis" page showing me wikis I'm an owner of.  

For me to get to the page I have to use this link.!/wiki/Mapping%20and%20Translation/page/Welcome%20to%20Mapping%20and%20Translation.


I've asked another user to test this and they are taken to the Public Wikis list.  They are using Firefox 17.0.1

When I use Chrome I get "We are unable to process your request Click the browser back button to return to the previous page and try again. If this error persists, report the problem to your administrator. Return to Application"  with a big red X.

When using 64Bit IE the page loads fine for both of us.



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