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Pinned topic Constant slowdowns using dynamic views in Win7

‏2013-06-06T20:25:58Z |

More specifically, Win7 clients, Windows 2003 Servers (two VOB, one view).

We have ~ 100 users, frequently ~30 will be accessing CC within a 15 minute period or so.

Starting a few years ago, every few months for approx 30 mins some users reported compiling in a dynamic view (typically using ada, sometimes java) took a few hours longer than it usually does.

Now, the last few months/weeks this seems to be becoming a weekly occurence.

We had over 4000 views registered on our server, but cut that number in half.

Generally, our servers are over powerful, and the resources on them are mostly under-used.

Similarly with our network, it is a fast network with decent infrastructure (i'd be happy to send more details if that would help).

Many users have ditched dynamic for snapshot, where they have no such issues. Having said that - i've seen a few rare occurences where it took ~10 hours to create a snapshot view that usually takes a few minutes.

Working with IBM to tweak various settings, etc on the servers, but def. not seeing improvements.

Wondering if there is something basic in the infrastructure we are just not seeing, or some other CC values somewhere that are way off.

Any ideas/experience/thoughts are much appreciated, thx


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    Re: Constant slowdowns using dynamic views in Win7


    It would not be a simple matter to resolve this without seeing some detailed data from a problem build or ss view load. Intermittent performance issues can be tricky to debug. I'd encourage you to keep working the PMR through support. If you are able to capture a network trace (with Wireshark for example) from a client during a really slow build for a couple minutes that could be quite helpful for us to determine what action the client is performing at the time and whether it is waiting for a server to respond etc. I'd also urge you to keep a detailed log including time/date/host/vob/view when the problem occurs as that may help discern a helpful pattern from what may appear to be random data.