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Pinned topic Pre-Checkin trigger - identify deliver/rebase action

‏2013-04-29T05:37:30Z | trigger

Hi fellows,

I've written a pre-ci trigger, which should only be run, if the checkin is done by the developer, but it shouldn't be run, if it's a checkin due to UCM deliver or rebase action.

Has anyone a hint, how to identify those actions on checkin event?

greetings georg.

  • stamaja
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    Re: Pre-Checkin trigger - identify deliver/rebase action


    Hello Georg,

    Something you may want to look into for accomplishing that are the environment variables set during trigger operations.  Something that looks to me like it might be a good indicator of what is causing the checkin is CLEARCASE_POP_KIND.  The documentation for the "mktrtype" says that for the "deliver -complete" and "rebase -complete" commands, CLEARCASE_POP_KIND will have that as its value.  So by checking to see if CLEARCASE_POP_KIND has either of those, the if-condition would be true for a UCM deliver or rebase.

    I'm going strictly from the documentation - I haven't tested it.

    Regards,  Jim

  • benray
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    Re: Pre-Checkin trigger - identify deliver/rebase action


    A preop-checkin trigger is going to fire on every checkin, including those in rebase or deliver operations, unless it is locked obsolete or the user is in the -nusers list for that trigger type. So the answer may depend on your process. For example, do developers rebase/deliver their own streams? If not you could have the admin doing the rebase/deliver operations in the -nusers list. Are these operations done only during off hours? You could lock -obsolete the trigger temporarily while the rebase/deliver is done.

    If your rebase/deliver ops are done by developers during working hours (most likely the case) these are not good solutions and you will need to have a trigger that fires on every checkin but includes logic to short circuit itself if the operation is a deliver or rebase. In this sense Jim is on the right track with looking at the CLEARCASE_POP_KIND to incorporate into the trigger script/logic.