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‏2014-01-08T20:13:14Z | application builder rails ruby

How can I add custom ruby code (not .html.erb as in custom widget) to an application builder application?   

I have some ruby code I've written as a front-end for Data Explorer that we'd like to integrate into an application builder project.   This code knows how to use for instance a bib-id field to make a back-end call to a database to get real-time status which is not integrated into the Data Explorer index.   The ruby code that does this includes a model, some helper logic, and code in a view.

Can I use IBM Data Explorer generated Ruby code (controller/models/views) outside of Data Explorer?

Another way to do this would be to take advantage of any models/controllers generated by an Application Builder project, and use them in another ruby on rails application.    Having a  single application layout would be a good thing, and so having a separate application, while doable, would not be my first choice.


Thanks to anyone who can help with this aspect of things,

Dan Davis

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    Re: Add custom model/rspec/tests


    Hello Dan Davis,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    We do not support adding code to an Application Builder application without using the admin tool. The custom widget is the intended way to write your own code. Having said that, it is, as you've said, a Rails application, and if you look in the installation directory, you'll find a familiar file structure. Insert files at your own risk!