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Pinned topic isa v5 drop 3 GCMV oom

‏2013-05-31T16:20:51Z | gcmv

Are there instructions on how to increase the GCMV  heap size?

I thought i found an append on it, but I've lost it again :-(


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    Re: isa v5 drop 3 GCMV oom


    Hi Mike,

    There are instructions for doing something similar with Memory Analyzer in this thread: There are different instructions depending on whether you're using the desktop or report edition of GCMV.

    For the GCMV report edition, follow the option 2 instructions, but instead do this:  Edit <ISA5_install_dir>/ToolBox/ . Within the <JavaLaunch> element you can add JVM arguments with the <vmargs> element. For example, <vmargs -Xmx1024M</vmargs>.

    For the GCMV desktop edition follow the instructions in option 3. Note, however, that information in that post is incorrect with regard to a Java applet being necessary. Instead, the .jnlp file is simply downloaded to your workstation. Then javaws downloads the files necessary to run the tool and launches it as a standard Java application. There is no Java plug-in required in your browser.