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Pinned topic PO Lines Table Column not Populating

‏2013-06-05T14:32:04Z |

Hi, I am on SCCD 7.5 and have created a custom Purchase Order form. Within the App Designer, I created a table with table columns (header table row) as well as a section input area below. I have a row of about 10 fields that when data is entered, the table column header populates along with it.

However, one field doesn't function properly. It is different from all the other fields in that it gathers data from an inventory object (style number for a particular piece of merchandise). What happens is this: when I select the data from the domain for Line 1, nothing populates in the header. When I hit "New Row" for Line 2, my selected data appears in the field (for both the input field AND the table header row) from Line 1. Nothing shows in Line 1. Same thing happens for "New Row", Line 3. Line 2 data appears upon selection of New Row and even if I change the data, it's all off.

Any ideas for what could be happening?  All the other fields that don't point toward the inventory object function properly.

Here is the styletemplate lookup:

<table id="styletemplate" inputmode="readonly" selectmode="single">

- <tablebody displayrowsperpage="20" filterable="true" filterexpanded="true" id="styletemplate_lookup_tablebody">

<tablecol dataattribute="style" id="styletemplate_lookup_tablebody_col_1" mxevent="selectrecord" mxevent_desc="Go To %1" sortable="true" type="link" />

<tablecol dataattribute="description" id="descriptiontemplate_lookup_tablebody_col_2" mxevent="selectrecord" mxevent_desc="Go To %1" sortable="true" />



Thanks for your advice in advance,

Lesley Johnson

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    Re: PO Lines Table Column not Populating

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    The attribute was set to default. By de-selecting this, the problem was fixed.