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Pinned topic Can IBM Websphere MQ client be used without installing

‏2017-06-15T12:44:32Z | .net c# wmq

I want to use IBM Websphere MQ client v7.5. I am writing standalone .Net client application using amqmdnet.dll from installed path C:\Program Files(x86)\IBM\WebSphere MQ\bin to send and consume messages from the IBM WebsphereMQ server(which is running somewhere else but I have authority to send/receive messages) I followed steps below:

  1. Installed Websphere MQ client(Free version for 6 months) and did all basic installation
  2. And sending the Request and getting response from the queue

My Question is, Should i get the license just to send and receive messages from WMQ server?

Is there any other way to do this using .NET without installing the client in my Machine, Please help with this issue

Thanks in Advance 


  • fjb_saper
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    Re: Can IBM Websphere MQ client be used without installing


    Specify what you mean with "MQClient (Free version for 6 months)...

    AFAIK the MQ Client requires a license however at 0 cost. You pay for the server license...

    Download the MQ Client from the support pack page....

  • David Ware
    David Ware
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    Re: Can IBM Websphere MQ client be used without installing


    The MQ clients are licensed for use and support when connecting to a licensed server installation, there is no need for a separate license. You can either install the clients using the full install process ( or you can pull down the "redistributable client" pack and use this instead. This has added benefits such as a simple unzip-and-go install process and allowing the MQ client to be redistributed with your own application.


    You state that you want to use the 7.5 client, is that because you are connecting to a 7.5 queue manager? If that is the case then there is no need as MQ supports inter-operation between different versions, so a V8 or V9 client could be used.