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Pinned topic awsstart failing - ideas?

‏2013-04-25T23:06:47Z |

awsstart is throwing an "AWSSTA138E Terminate CPU-0 failed, RC=43" error. 

SecureUpdateUtility completed with success, awsckmap shows no errors or warnings, z1090instcheck show OK everywhere.

processors 1 specified in the devmap

Full capture of the startup looks like this:

ibmsys1 bin$ /usr/z1090/bin/awsstart /Appliance/devmaps/aprof1 --clean

IBM System z Personal Development Tool (zPDT)
  Licensed Materials - Property of IBM
  (C) Copyright IBM Corp. 2007   All Rights Reserved.

z1091, version 1-3.43.20, build date - 03/09/12 for Linux on SuSE 64bit

AWSSTA014I Map file name specified: /Appliance/devmaps/aprof1
AWSSTA090I All zPDT log files purged as requested
AWSSTA204I zPDT started in directory '/Appliance/bin'.
AWSSTA146I Starting independent 1090 instance 'ibmsys1'
OSA code level = 0x4301
AWSSTA125I System shutdown in progress ...
AWSEMI314I CPU 0 zPDTA License Obtained
AWSSTA138E Terminate CPU-0 failed, RC=43
AWSSTA134W One or more CPU(s) did not respond to TERMINATE request
AWSSTA052E Initialization of OSA failed, RC=-4
AWSSTA143I Shutdown complete
AWSSTA140E Initialization failure


Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated.

  • JavaPoet
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    Re: awsstart failing - ideas?

    ‏2013-05-03T18:21:34Z  in response to DBWest

    The failure of OSA to init would make me want to check the permissions of the current user to the /usr/z1090/bin/eDMosa  since I don't know if this config worked before or not ...

    The following procedure is suggested for those who are concerned about z1090's eDMosa file allowing any userid to execute it. It will minimize the list of userids that could potentially exploit kernel mode via access through eDMosa .

    • After install and using the root id ..
    • create a unique group ie: groupadd <your_group> (maybe RDzUT)
    • change group_owner of eDMosa ie: chgrp <your_group> /usr/z1090/bin/eDMosa
    • set eDMosa permissions to 4750 ie: chmod 4750 /usr/z1090/bin/eDMosa

    It could be that your eDMosa is already part of a group and all you have to do is to add your current user to the same group?


    • DavidBean
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      Re: awsstart failing - ideas?

      ‏2013-05-06T18:18:24Z  in response to JavaPoet

      I checked the permissions for eDMosa and they are consistent with those I am using on another, working instance
      of RD&T (different operating system, same layout of the zVolumes and the devmap though).  I don't have a need to use
      any other variant of the permission scheme.

      Other suggestions?  A way to enable detailed diagnostics?  I can't seem to find deeper information related to the
      error message.

      Thanks for your help.