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Pinned topic New search not working in RMC 7.5.3

‏2018-10-01T19:08:07Z | 7.5.3 search

We are in the process of evaluating RMC 7.5.3.  One of the key updates for us in this version the search functionality, but it does not show up.  I have tried all three of the new skins in war files.   When I use the "RMC" Skin, the old search functionality shows up and the new search icon does not appear.  When I use the "RMC Simple" or "RMC Compact" skins, they site do not display

I can build a process using all three of the skins as static sites and all come up with the exception of the RMC Simple skin which only has a blank screen. ok However, the new search is not there.  I looked at the Demo of 7.5.3 and it showed the new search working in both on the server an static.


We currently use RMC Version, Tomcat version 7.0.90, and JVM 1.8.0_181-b13..   We have been using Tomcat  7 with RMC for 6 or 7 years now without an issue,.


Any suggestions? I looked at the one hotfix on Fix Central, but it did not appear to apply to what we are seeing.


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    Re: New search not working in RMC 7.5.3


    Just to be clear - you are publishing as a war file, and hosting it on the Tomcat server and then browsing with which browser?

    Drop me an email and I'll see how I can help.