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How do I configure HATS to use Single Sign on using Kerberos?

My system is at V7.1 and I am using HATS 8.5 with Websphere 8.5. We've recently began a project to update to Fiserv GUI usign HATS.

I have an existing kerberos single signon implemented using EIM (Enterprise Identity Mapping) for client access. I am trying to configure HATS also to use single sign on plugging into my existing EIM mapping.

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    Re: HATS Single Sign usign Kerberos



    Using Kerberos services tickets we can automate sign-on only for HATS rich client applications that use 5250 Telnet sessions and run on Windows domain clients.

    To enable support for Kerberos tickets, for rich client projects using 5250 only, add the following lines inside the <otherParameters> tag in the application.hap file:

    <parameter name="ssoEnabled" value="true"/>

    <parameter name="ssoType" value="ssoAcquireKerberosTicket"/>


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