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Pinned topic change search widjet in ICN

‏2013-04-22T13:39:46Z |


We want to enable Query/Search that consists of folders and/or documents,  according to the Parent-child relationship properties, ICN does not support complex search of that kind.


  1. How can we access  the development environment of ICN
  2. How can we design the query/search widget (for example: adding a free SQL Text Box )
  3. How can we intercept the code of the Search Criteria /Search?

For Example: Implementing inner joins, Referential Containment Relationships, Concatenate two or more queries together

  1. Using OR & AND  operators in the same query together
  2. Creating a filing/search template is done via XT ?! (do we need  to  implement both for the end-user just for creating a template ?

  thanks a lot

Yoel Guenine

Senior Developper

IFN Solutions.



  • damorris
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    Re: change search widjet in ICN

    ‏2013-04-22T14:14:25Z  in response to IFN


    1.  Please refer to the Content Navigator redbook.  It details how to set up a development environment.  When you import the SamplePlugin project you should delete the,, and  After doing that, update the class by removing references to those classes.  Everything should compile at that point as long as you followed the instructions in the redbook for setting up Eclipse.

    2.  We can't help you design the custom solution, that's really your task.

    3.  You can extend the existing search panel.  The widgets in ICN are similar to Java objects in that you can override them or extend them.  You would need to have logic in your service code to execute the P8 query and return the results.  I will ask someone on my team to add a bit more color to this point.

  • Andy Choi
    Andy Choi
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    Re: change search widjet in ICN

    ‏2013-04-23T01:48:25Z  in response to IFN

    Hello Yoel,

    It's not clear what you exactly want to achieve here..
    Based on your questions, it doesn't sound like that you want to extend our widgets but build a brand new UI that lets you enter SQL so you can construct and run any type of queries.
    Am I right or are you just looking forward to build similar searches that you used to build using XT?

    ICN doesn't allow you to build searches that can search for both documents and folders against P8 repositories.
    ICN supports opening and running XT searches so you can use XT to build such searches and open and run them from ICN.
    ICN doesn't allow you to build groups of AND and OR conditions but offers "smart" (Include All/Any, Exclude All, and Between) operators that you can use to build such searches to some extent.

    You might be able to achieve what you want to do using plugins if you find both too limiting and need something new.
    I can give you more information on what you can do via plugins if you provide more info on what you want to achieve.

    Andy Choi

    • IFN
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      Re: change search widjet in ICN

      ‏2013-04-24T08:51:18Z  in response to Andy Choi

      Hi andy,

      thank you for your fast response.

      Our  goal  is  to  locate  folders  or documents Via property values of the
      parent Class or child/sub Class.

      Our client is interessing in ICN,therefore we want to change the search widjet so that he will allow that possibility.

      in FILENET: there are 3 ways to make a hierarchical  query :

      1.use inner joins:

      select c.this from Child C inner join Parent P on c.parent = p.this
      where = 'xxx'

      2.use a qury into another query:

      select m.this from Child c where c.parent in (select id from Parent
      where prioperty = 'xxx')

      3.make a concatenate of 2 query:

      a. select guid from  parent folder where

      b. select all documents in subfolder equal  guid of a(first query result)


      For now ICN SEARCH WIDJET doest allow these advanced search we cannot found a folder/document with property of his father/son.

      we want to change the query that occur in the search widjet template "behind the scene"

      and to design accordingly the search widjet.

      Are these  tasks possible in ICN?

      i have read the redbook  , but i will need more help.

       Should I build a new plugin?

      Can i extend the Search Widjet? or i will have to make a brand new one?

      Thanks a lot




      • Andy Choi
        Andy Choi
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        Re: change search widjet in ICN

        ‏2013-04-25T17:24:56Z  in response to IFN

        Hi Yoel,

        It sounds like you will need to have your own client-side search widget, menu action to bring that up, and midtier service to run the search and return results via a custom plugin.
        You should be be able to reuse existing client-side widgets for displaying the search form and results given that you provide them with JSON/model that the widgets expect.

        Please try out the SamplePlugin that Dana mentioned and let us know if you need more pointers on how you can go about building this plugin.