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Pinned topic Problem while importing Simulink Blocks (Rhapsody v7.5)

‏2013-06-06T15:36:00Z | import rhapsody simulink v7.5


I am using Rhapsody v7.5 and Matlab 2007b. I am trying to import a .mdl model but I have several problems. The most important ones are that I cannot do the sync. After I do "Import/Sync Model" it keeps poping up a message and then it fails (see images sim-rhap-prob_03.png and sim-rhap-prob_04.png) and in the end there is not any flowports shown (see image sim-rhap-prob_05.png)

I have followed the steps described in help doc for v7.5 (Intégration > Integrating elements from other design tools > Integrating Rational Rhapsody and Simulink > Integrating Simulink models into Rational Rhapsody models), I generated the code for the model in C but the problem remains.

Any ideas? Thanks!


P.S. Ihave also installed Matlab 2012. Does this anything to do with the problem?? (the .mdl file that I want to import is built in Matlab 2007b)

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