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Pinned topic Promotion of Schema versus Schema Document

‏2014-03-20T03:07:17Z | promotion schema

Hi.  I have WSDL files that references a total of four (4) XSD files either directly or indirectly via import and include.  I loaded these into my WSRR governance instance and I have four (4) XSD files (i.e., schema documents) and four (4) schemas, which are apparently created by WSRR when "shredding" my XSD files.

I promoted the service version that references the WSDL files and I was surprised to see that although all four (4) XSD files got promoted, only three (3) of the schemas were promoted.  I did some digging and found that the three that did get promoted all have a classification of "Realized" and the one that was not promoted doesn't have this classification.  I'm not sure why the fourth schema didn't have this classification.

The promotion was to my development environment and I set it up to occur on the "ApproveRealization" transition into the "Realized" state.  So that seems to match the classification but, actually, I'm not even sure how the three had the classification added while the fourth did not.

Anyone have an idea what happened?