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‏2013-09-18T13:25:12Z | domino notes

Our work project requires the use of Cognos as a reporting tool against a number of extensive Notes/Domino databases.  Currently we are required to ensure that reporting is not run until the target Notes data is extracted from Domino onto a MS SQL Server.  We would like to eliminate the intermediate step by direct accessing the data where it is in place on the Domino server.  Is there a way to do this with third party tools?

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    Re: Cognos :: Notes/Domino Integration


    I'm not sure you understand the issue here. Note/Domino is not a record-based SQL relational database. How would you expect a record-based SQL reporting tool (which Cognos BI is) to query a foreign envirnment? Sure there are ODBC drivers, but they don't convert the data into an appropriate structure.

    IF there were "third party tools" which would make this available on-the-fly, they would result in such poor performance I doubt anyone would actually use them in a production environment.

    If you have a solution which extracts to SQL Server, I suggest you stick with it. There may be ways to optimize it so it runs faster, but that is your best approach in the long run.

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    Re: Cognos :: Notes/Domino Integration


    Maybe this can help you: ? 

    Haven't tried it yet myself, but I'm having the same requirement as you, so I probably will shortly :-)

    Since Cognos can also connect using JDBC, using the JDBC for Domino project from OpenNTF might also be a solution.


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