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Pinned topic Product Variants and merging baselines

‏2014-04-16T08:51:00Z |

Hello dxl Community

Some of you may have heard about  about the plugin to the Product  Variant tool
However, I dont have this purchase options available, neither do I have the option to migrate  DOORS NG and take advantage of the RM-VVC.
I have to deal with managing the Requirements of a Generic Product from which 2 variants are produced Product A and Product B.

The only facility I can identify within DOORS is the "Copy Baseline " function. The problem is what do you do when the original baseline of the Generic Product gets updated. You then have to update each of the branches and merge in changes. I am sure I am not the first person who has come across this. The only solution I see is to start with taking some of the available dxl scripts that do Baseline Comparison Reports and enhancing it to do a type of "Smart Merge". Any suggestions from the forum?


best regards