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Pinned topic Datapower JSON PKCS#7 SIgn and Verify requests

‏2014-06-09T03:37:00Z | cryptobinary json pkcs#7 sign xi50


I was trying to sign the messsage with datapower PKCS#7 sign and verify Cryptobinary action.

I have few doubts , please clarify the same

1) While signing the message by Cryptobinary PKCS#7 Sign, the output encoded format is mentioned as pem,base64,SMIME as the option.

There is no option as NONE in the drop down list.

Question: Why I need to encode the output ? why it is required ? why cant I avoid this step of encoding and send in plain

readable format where I have signedDataType and digect value of the payload?

2) After Sigining, where can I go and see under the probes the information related to Signing and what are the sections the request has ?

3) After Signing, under probes where can I see the signer info, digestvalue,signedinfo etc...

4) Could you please let me know any exmple which shows the signed data format and what are the encoded format contains?

5) What are the steps involved while Signing ? Could you please help me with the detailed steps or redirect to a location

where I can get the step by step in detail

I know many questions on a single step, but wanted to know the detaild logic of PKCS#7 sign and verify.

Thanks in advance.