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Pinned topic How to Identify DB2 Connect Server for mainframes

‏2013-06-28T11:09:46Z |

Hi ,

We are about to start a project DB2 Upgrade to DB2 V10 (z/OS) .

Now as a pre-requisite of DB2 V10 ,db2 connect servers should be upgraded to min of V9.7 to be compatible with DB2 V10  (z/OS) .

So the scenario is we are not sure which all db2 connect servers connect to mainframe . Where they are located ?

Software inventory maintained by site shows many connect servers but still we are not sure where they are located , what version .

Now from mainframe front what I am doing to identify is I am looking at syspackage table PDSNAME column name which will give me info of ip address of the server from where bind was performed along with SQL*  db2 levelid description .

I am not sure doing this I will be able to locate all connect servers .

Is there any other way which can be followed to get to know what all connect servers connect to mainframe ?



Manoj K Jadwani