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‏2013-03-15T14:02:22Z |
SCRUM, XP, DSDM, Crystal and many other methods are under Agile methods.
My question is that, how project manager can select the appropriate method when migrating to Agile method..?
Considering the problems of customers' involvement. For instant, knowledge is not enough or customer cannot be on-site, Which Agile method is the most suitable and is it possible that project manager select any process..!!!! 
 If not and if the project manager select haphazardly, what is the affects of implementing the system..??
The feedback would be highly appreciated.  
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    Re: Best Agile Process to be selected

    There isn't a perfect process. We must create (we also can use one as a base), verify (constantly), validate and evolve our methods and processes in order to reach our expectations. I guess the best approach is use what make the team feel confortable and productive. It takes time, but pay off.
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    Re: Best Agile Process to be selected

     I agree with 'Rafaelsene' in the sense that there isn't a size which fits all, similarly there isn't a process which fits all requirements. The process you choose would depend on some of the unique wants and needs of your project as well as current environment. You will have to weigh those against how each method/process can be effective against those.
     So if you have small teams and a defined backlog of stories which can help you get sprint backlog going easily then SCRUM would be your ideal choice. How ever, you could use XP if you want to start with a small and simple solution and build complexity as you go along.