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Pinned topic IBM Midwest Academic Initiative November 2011 Update: New Hadoop Course, Chief Marketing Officer Study, IBM 2011 Tech Trends Report, CEO Study Participation Opportunity for Students and Key Business Process Management Resources

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 Now as we move into November,  Business Process Management is the topic for the season.  Business process management provides a vehicle for business priorities to be interlocked with information management and the reverse to be true as well.  If the information management resources gain information from unstructured data sources that consumers are displeased with a recent change but the business rules do not provide a vehicle for leveraging that information then who wins:  the competition. 

 "No man is an island" true especially today.  Having data, being able to act on that data and being swift and decisive in taking action,  may sound familiar, "information management, skills/tools and a data driven culture."   This  is from the MIT Sloane management study defining characteristics of organizations that have achieved analytics sophistication. *    This November update focuses on some IBM Academic Initiative assets to develop a data driven environment and ultimately a competitive advantage. 

Let's begin.....
Here are four new assets for your review:

(BD001) Hadoop Fundamentals 15 Nov 2011  (New IBM Academic Initiative Courseware)
These course materials cover Hadoop fundamentals. Hadoop is an open-source implementation of frameworks for reliable, scalable, distributed computing and data storage which can be used for managing Big Data. Course modules cover Hadoop architecture, HDFS, MapReduce, Querying Data (Pig, Hive, JAQL) and Moving Data (Flume). Hands-on labs, using IBM Infosphere BigInsights, are included in the course. BigInsights, which is based on Hadoop, is available as a download image, a virtual image or as a cloud image. The course is approximately 8 hours of course content, including time for the labs. The course is also available as an online course at The courseware on the AI site includes additional instructor information and presentations not available in the online course.
Skill Level:  Introductory
Format:       Other
Language:  English


There is a great deal of discussion in today's world that the  expectation is you market to the individual considered the " market of one".   “The perfect solution is to serve each consumer individually,” said a Singaporean Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to IBM.  “The problem?” he added.  “There are seven billion of them.”  This study helps give perspective on what is expected by companies marketing to anyone whether you market is local or on a global basis.

IBM 2011 Tech Trends Report

Here is a sample of what the report covers:

IBM developerWorks conducted a survey of over 4,000 IT professionals, faculty members and students from among the developerWorks community. IBM asked respondents about their view of the future of technology, including questions on business analytics, mobile computing, cloud computing, and social business.   Some findings:
For cloud adopters, "developing new applications" is expected to be the top activity in the next 24 months, surpassing today's top cloud focus areas of virtualization and storage.
51% of respondents stated that adopting cloud technology is part of their mobile strategy
India may be all about social business technology (57% adopting), but other countries including Russia (19%) are more hesitant

The above website will allow you to download the complete report as well as use the entire dataset for class discussion. Finally, if you or your students are not part of the the IBM DeveloperWorks community here is the link to join:

 Every two years, we speak to thousands of CEOs and public sector leaders worldwide about changes occurring in the business world. For our Global CEO Study in 2010. we also surveyed students on many of the same questions. More than 3,600 students participated and expressed some very distinct views, especially around issues of globalization and sustainability. We published the results in our study, “Inheriting a complex world: Future leaders envision sharing the planet,” In both academic and business communities, the study was received enthusiastically, and served as a focal point for discussions about future needs and directions.

We are now conducting the second edition of the IBM Global Student Study, in conjunction with the 2012 Global CEO Study. Again, the questions we ask will be very similar to those we are asking CEOs. Side by side, students and CEOs will provide a distinct view of leadership across generations, and give us a glimpse of what leadership may look like in the future.

 In today’s complex, interconnected world almost every aspect of the 21st century organization is subject to change: from its business model and operating strategies to the ties that enable connection to customers and employees. We are eager to understand how your students view these changes and their role as future leaders. This is available until December 21st.  There are 31 questions which will take 10-15 minutes and please do skip any question you do not know the answer.

We appreciate your support in distributing this survey to your students and will provide you and your students with the published study later in the spring. Here is the link to take the study:

Once you have analytics sophistication the expectation is you have business rules to continually leverage that advantage.  "Continually" is that makes the difference between a one time success and delivering continuous business results.   Let's begin looking at some of the IBM Academic Initiative  Resources that can be used in the classroom as you enable your graduate and undergraduate students to become industry leaders focused on delivering ongoing business results.  

Business Process Management Courses

(WB301) Capturing and Authoring Business Rules with WebSphere ILOG JRules V7.0 17 Jan 2011
This course introduces students to WebSphere ILOG JRules Business Rule Management System (BRMS) and teaches the concepts and skills necessary to capture, author, and manage business rules using WebSphere ILOG JRules V7.0.  Through presentations, product demonstrations, and hands-on lab exercises, students learn the core features of IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules V7.0, and how to work collaboratively with business policy experts and development teams.   A realistic case study is used to illustrate the concepts of business modeling, rule discovery, and rule authoring. Students work with actual business models, use cases, and business rules to perform discovery and analysis tasks, and to experience some of the questions and issues that arise when striving to author rules that reflect complex business decisions. Practical rule authoring exercises are carried out in the JRules Rule Studio and Rule Team Server modules.  Students learn to use JRules features to simplify maintenance of rules, share rules between multiple users, and synchronize work across business and development environments. They also learn how to identify governance issues and use JRules features to support rule governance.  
Skill Level:  Intermediate
Format:       Other
Language:  English

(WB171) Using WebSphere Business Modeler, Monitor, and Process Server for BPM 04 Aug 2009
This course provides students with an overview of business process management (BPM) and the business integration software offered by IBM.  In this course, students learn how to obtain business information faster, respond more quickly to market trends and competitive threats, and improve operational efficiencies and business results. Through instructor-led lectures and walkthrough exercises, students apply BPM principles by using IBM's business integration software to work on case studies that emulate real-world problems. Topics include modeling business processes using WebSphere Business Modeler, assembling solutions with WebSphere Integration Developer, simulating dynamic assembly of business services using WebSphere Business Services Fabric, managing business processes with WebSphere Business Monitor, and enabling an SOA with WebSphere Process Server.  When taught by IBM Training, this course spans 2 days.
Skill Level:  Introductory
Format:       Other
Language:  English

Teaching Business Process Management with Innov8 23 Jan 2010
Innov8 is a 'serious' game that teaches the concepts and methodologies of Business Process Management and introduces participants to the use of tools through simulation. A homework problem is included.
Skill Level:  Introductory
Format:       Self-paced
Language:  English

Business Process Management Serious Teaching Game:  Innov8 with Course Material (see above)

The Academic Edition of INNOV8 2.0, the IBM Business Process Management (BPM) simulation game, gives both IT and business players an excellent introduction to BPM, from learning the anatomy of a model, to how one might optimize the model and make a company more profitable.  The game features a fictional call center agency, After Inc, who has a process model that is functioning sub-optimally. As the protagonist Logan, you must discover the current model, find out why it is under-performing and then optimize it to meet the demands of the market. 

Business Process Management Software

IBM WebSphere Decision Server V7.1 Windows Multilingual eAssembly (CRD0SML)

IBM Business Monitor 7.5.1 for Multiplatform Multilingual eAssembly (CRFZ7ML) (four files)

WebSphere iLog JRules V7.1.1 for IBM Case Manager V5.0 Multiplatform Multilingual eAssembly (CRD5TML)

Business Process Management Case Studies

Here is a description of a few of the case studies.  The case study for these as well as others are available in the above pdf file.

 * Analytics: The Widening Divide--How Companies Are Achieving Competitive Advantage Through Analytics by IBM and MIT Sloane Management Review. Here is the link:

As we are now approaching the wrap up of the term, I must say thank you for the work we have been doing together.   You have leveraged the IBM assets with your students.  Several professors and students have shared with me they would not have been able to use these tools without this program.  

As you can tell from the various studies, a great deal of change is going on in today's world across most industries. The students you are teaching will become leaders in a very different world than the one most thought they would enter.  It is a job well done when they leave you  excited about the difference they are going to make because they are ready to take the leap!  Thank you for letting me help you with the building blocks in a small way!


Valinda Scarbro Kennedy
IBM Academic Initiative
Relationship Manager
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