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Pinned topic MAX Capacity -on NMON BBBL worksheet

‏2014-01-09T23:50:29Z |

I appreciated if you can provide answer and comment about the "Entitlement" and "max Capacity" setting on the BBBL work sheet. 

NMON analyzer on a LPAR shows that LPAR has Entitlement 0.6 and max Capacity of 1.2 while LPAR Virtual CPU is set to 6 with SMT thread of 4 or Logical CPU of 24.

If I interpret my research results, it seems to suggest that LPAR cannot exceed 6 physical CPUs due to its Entitlement setting of 0.6.  Max physical CPU of 6 (10X or 10 * 0.6 Entitlement Capacity).

This LPAR seems to max out at 5.688 CPUs.


Thanks in advance for your comments or pointer.