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‏2013-08-25T01:23:47Z | clarification confusion

1. In a client's e-mail, they mentioned that the types of licenses for Cognos BI included "developer" and "user".  Based on your page, "Learn About Software Licensing" (, it is not explained like this.  There are various types organized in 3 categories none having the names "developer" and "user".  Please confirm.

2. The client's e-mail also asked about the "access levels", which I interpret as the roles.  The person states that "Developer license allows report creation...".  There is no "Developer" type of license based on the IBM software licensing explanation.  Again, confirmation needed.  If you have more information about this, please share.

3. I downloaded your trial version of IBM Cognos BI Developer Edition 10.1.  It is not clear as to what the other editions are based on the information on your site.  Does the Developer Edition contain all studio functionality?

4. When I started my trial edition, I need a user ID and password.  How do I obtain one?  I tried using the same credentials I used to access this forum, but they did not work.


I definitely need your expert clarification on all 4 points.


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    Re: Cognos BI Product: Clarification Needed


    These forums are "community-based", so usually no IBM/Cognos employees are here. This is what I can say about your questions:

    1) That appears to be a link to IBM standard software licensing. Cognos is a little different...but I cannot find a link to their licensing info page. See below.

    2) Same as #1

    3) I have not used the Developer Edition, but I believe it does have all of the Studios.

    4) You'll need to get credentials from IBM Sales (which is the answer for #1 and #2 as well). Call 1-877-426-3287 and they should be able to set you up.

    Good luck,