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Pinned topic How to switch back to UpdateXpress GUI mode

‏2013-06-20T17:23:29Z |

HI, All

I created BoMC bootable media by ToolsCenter 9.30 for updating HS23 7850 firmware. I did as follows.

1. Start remote console for HS23 via AMM.

2. Mount BoMC bootable media by remote disk and power on HS23 with booting from the remotely mounted bootable media.

3. Checking the FW update needed component under UpdateXpress GUI mode.

4. For some reasons we must drag out the mouse by [Alt+Ctrl] when updating FW module.

5. Click the remote console to re-active the mouse in remote console.

However, the UpdateXpress GUI dispaly disappeared after doing 5step 5. And It seems that FW update is running under updateXpress text mode.

I wonder whether there is a function or short key to switch the UpdateXpress text mode to GUI mode. It looks like UpdateXpress GUI is not crashed just went to the back of UpdateXpress text mode. If anyone faced the same problem, Kindly please help!