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Is it possible to extend a trial license of WebSphere application Server 7.0 without reinstalling?

Is it normal that the license is only two months?


Thanks for your answers.

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    Re: Trial without reinstallation for WAS 7


    The terms and conditions of the License Agreement limit the use of the WebSphere Application Server trial editions to 60 days, which is the standard duration of trial editions of many IBM products. After this time period has elapsed, the product might stop working or continue to function but in a "crippled" state. It is not possible to extend a trial license of WebSphere Application Server without uninstalling the trial and then reinstalling the product or purchasing a fully licensed copy of the product.

    If you want to use WebSphere Application Server for development purposes, then there is a Developers Edition that is available at no charge. Again, be sure to review the terms and conditions in the License Agreement to ensure the use of the product is appropriate. More information about this edition is available at the WebSphere Application Server for Developers web page:

    The other alternative is to try out the newest application server in the WebSphere Application Server family called Liberty. More information and lots of resources are available at no charge at the following web page:

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