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we're developing a requestfilter plugin on "/cm/search" that checks for example if certain fields contain a certain value. If they are not filled in properly then an error is returned and ICN should render a validation error, similar to what happens when we save a document and validation fails.

The JSON containing the error that we're returning is:


{"fieldErrors":[{"symbolicName":"KlantID_TR5_15","errorMessage":"Klant should contain value A, B or C!"}]} 

However this has no effect. It simply shows 0 search results and no error is displayed.

My question is: what exactly should the response from the requestfilter be such that the search is aborted and the field mentioned shows a validation error?


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    Re: ValidationError when performing Search

    ‏2013-10-17T18:12:21Z  in response to magic798

    The fieldErrors is not looked for on a response from the search.  (This is used for field validation by EDS which is not supported on search.)  So, displaying an error on a particular field will not work.  Instead, you can display an error dialog using a normal error response:

    {"errors":[{"text": "Invalid value", "explanation":"Klant should contain value A, B, or C!
    ","number":"10001","userResponse":"Enter a valid value for Klant"}]}

    The choice of error number is yours, but you should choose one out of the range of ICN's errors.