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Pinned topic CC Web Server - can it be retro-installed? Please Help!

‏2014-02-16T20:55:50Z |

Dear people,

we are running CC 7.0.1 on Windows.

It looks like the web server bit was not installed when the original set-up was done, but many people are asking to use the CCRC.

Is this something that can be installed now? Or would I need to uninstall and then re-install the CC Server software from scratch?

If so, by uninstalling CC Server software what would happen to our VOBs/Views?


Many thanks in adavnce.



  • PankajJain - IBM Support
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    Re: CC Web Server - can it be retro-installed? Please Help!


    Hello Neil

    Sorry, missed seeing this one. 
    First of all, I would like to let you know that CC 7.0.1 is NOT supported anymore since 30 September 2011.
    Please take a look at

    To answer your question:
    To retro-install the IBM Rational RWP 7.0.1 server, you could try the following steps. 
    1. Browse to the location where you have CC 7.0.1 installation files extracted 
    2. Start the Installation again and follow the instructions on screen.
    You would have to select the component "ClearCase Web Interface Server" along with the existing options to install the RWP server. 
    You can access the below URL for information about CC 7.0.1.x:
    Best Regards