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Pinned topic Got a 404 error when generate plugin-cfg.xml file for proxy cluster

‏2013-04-28T09:59:12Z | cluster plugin-cfg.xml proxy


I am configuring a proxy cluster in was admin web console, following this article:
Firstly, I created a proxy cluster, then started it and went to "proxy settings" page. After chosen the "Proxy Plugin Configuration Policy" as cell, I clicked "apply" button to generate plugin-cfg.xml file for this cluster. But I got a 404 error in was admin console. The message looks like:
An error occurred while processing request:%2Fibm%2Fconsole%2FODRSettings.config.view
Message:SRVE0190E: File not found: /ODRSettings.config.view
I try it on another WAS 7, got the same result. I also tried on WAS 8, got a blank page without any message...
Anything wrong? 
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