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Pinned topic Ruby monitoring agent threshold doesn't fire

‏2014-01-11T19:11:41Z |

If you create a test threshold for your Ruby application that you are sure should become true and raise an alert but nothing happens, check that the application you created for the Ruby agent is also set to "Enable Ruby App Situations" and that you have selected the Ruby application instance(s) that you want to monitor. 

To see the instructions to create or edit an application:
While in SCM-AI, click Help > Help Contents from the navigation bar to open the SCM-AI help. Select the "Managing applications" link and review the note under step 5. You can also download a PDF of the help from the SCM-AI wiki Documentation page.

1) Install and configure ruby agent successfully.
2) After logging in to SCM-AI, add application for Ruby agent successfully.
3) Click System Configuration > Threshold Manager and create the following "Ruby_User_Request_RT_High" threshold for the Ruby data source: 30-second interval, Data set KKM VISITATION LOG, Condition ResponseTime *GE 0.
4)  Load requests to trigger the event.

If no event is opened, click Performance > Application Performance Dashboard from the navigation bar. In the navigator or the All My Applications summary boxes, select the application that includes Ruby, then click the Edit tool. Ensure that the Ruby application includes the "Enable Ruby App Situations" component. Unless you add that component and its corresponding managed system to your application, you will not see events from the Ruby agent in the user interface. 

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