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Pinned topic TM1 9.5.2 and Windows 8 / Office 2013 Compatability? - Alternative to 10.2 when using Windows 8?

‏2014-01-22T09:54:01Z | -- 10.2 2013 8 9.5.2 alternative compatability office windows



Situation Description:

As Windows XP is running out of support in April 2014 we are migrating to Windows 8 and also Office 2013.

Then the only supported version of TM1 when using Windows 8 is 10.2.

But TM1 10.2 is not usable so far - one reason is that comma values ar e not accepted in TM1 Web when having european formatting for numbers (#.###,00).

This will not be fixed before the second half of 2014 with FP2.


What are your recommendations in this situation?

I would prefer very much to keep TM1 9.5.2.


Thanks a lot in advance