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Pinned topic Create SQLServer datasources with jython script

‏2013-10-23T08:02:01Z |

I am creating following thing using jython script
1)Jdbc provide
2)Data source
3)J2C authentication data
4) variables for sql server 2008
but when i am testing the connectivity it give me following error "Login for user ''. ClientConnectionId:a433489c-e9be-4891-b584-c87b79004661 DSRA0010E: SQL State = S0001, Error Code = 18,456" [b].
Solution of that which i found is that i have to open websphere console screen and in that i have to modify J2C authentication data(e.g if i just modify any value in Description section) and save the data & then if i datasource connectivity it works.So can any please tell me what i am missing in my jython script