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We have several jobs that are scheduled to run either daily or weekly, however when there is a holiday or other exception to the normal schedule there needs to be manual intervention in order to stop jobs from running. The process we follow now is to remove the pending jobs and then resubmit them with a new time and date.
We typically know at the beginning of the year when the Schedule exceptions are going to occurr.
I have used other products in which the Schedule Utilty is able to handle exceptions.
Is there a way to handle schedule exceptions in C:D? I have read through the documentation and so far I have not found this topic addressed.

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    Re: Exception Scheduling


    C:D only provides basic scheduling.

    If you need a more flexible and sophisticated solution, I recommend to use the Windows built-in Task Scheduler or use a 3rd-party schedulre. Create a scheduled task that calls the CLI to submit your process file at the date and time when needed. You can also disable a scheduled tasks or run it manually, if needed.