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Pinned topic blade center H chasis and scm

‏2013-08-02T02:03:24Z | + blade center h openstack

Hello ,

i am using blade center h , where i am connecting one port of scm with a external private switch , where i would create custom vlans , and will make that port as trunk so that it allows flow of vlans to outside server connected with that switch.

Actually i am trying to setup openstack using nova vlan networking , where i have  4 external servers running openstack(vlan based netowrking using nova) now i want to add nodes from this chasis where i have 5 HS22 blade servers. So i have connected the scm of the chasis with the private switch , and made that port trunk , so that vlans can be also understood by the ibm blade servers.

In SCM , i have created the vlans as i am using on the external private switch , still i am not able to setup the connection.


Please tell me if i need to give more information.