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Pinned topic group email topic / post office question

‏2014-02-24T15:51:03Z | isim

Based on my testing this seems to be true but I wanted to confirm that when I uncheck "Use Group Email Topic" on a workflow node (RFI, Approval, etc) those do not get send to the post office, correct?

I am asking because generally one notification per work item, etc isn't a big deal but when dealing with recertifications we don't want users (managers) potentially getting 40-50 emails or more. The thinking here is to customize the post office template so it sends out the full text of the recert email, then disable the group email topics in all of the workflows except for recerts of course. If we were to do this is there any other config needed to make sure the users only get this email template for specific recert work items? As I said, my testing looked promising but I'm not 100% sure what all the post office handles and don't want them getting a recert notification for something unrelated.