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Pinned topic Temporarily disabling disconnect.

‏2013-06-13T13:09:59Z |

I'm running a JavaScript that prompts for a value. 
What happens is that when the JavaScript is holding the page, as a prompt will, it will trigger the automatic disconnect.

Is there a way of telling the terminal not to disconnect from JavaScript?
I could of course change the value on the Project Settings. Only I only want to disable the disconnect in this specific case.

It could possibly be enough if I could set the value from the jsp.  
Or just possibly an explanation how the reset and disconnect works.

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  • tmparker
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    Re: Temporarily disabling disconnect.

    ‏2013-06-13T19:02:42Z  in response to GerardoMG

    I'm not sure I understand the situation exactly.  Are you seeing this behavior on a macro prompt page?  I don't see that behavior because I believe we don't add the code to initiate the auto disconnect feature on the prompt pages.  Are you using the Ajax auto disconnect feature?  Is this some custom page you created?

    I know we provide a JavaScript function to disable Ajax autorefresh but I don't think that will affect the auto disconnect because that is handled from the server side.

    I tested this just now using a macro prompt and it has been sitting on the prompt page for 10 minutes with no disconnect.  I then finished the macro and browsed away from the HATS app and then the session disconnected automatically as is should have.



    • GerardoMG
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      Re: Temporarily disabling disconnect.

      ‏2013-06-14T07:00:16Z  in response to tmparker

      I'm using the AjAX feature, works very well in normal circumstances.
      I have a custom transformation that has a JavaScript prompt. My feeling is that the disconnect was done server side, as you have confirmed. What is happening is that the program is hanging on the script and thus not sending any pings to the server. It will then disconnect.

      This is for a mode of my application where you can edit labels directly on screen. It is easier for the translators to work this way. So I just added a simple JavaScript prompt using the built in prompt command. I could of course write a custom prompt instead. Only it will add some complexity.

      I was thinking maybe it was a way of affecting the value of the timeout from the jsp so that I may turn it off if the user is in "edit mode".

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