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Pinned topic GL Account on Item application

‏2014-01-09T18:33:57Z |

Do you have any functional solution to attach a GL Account field on the Item application?

On the ITEM app, I have tried to use attribute =  itemorginfo.GLACCOUNT, LOOKUP = GLNAVIGATOR but i encounter the following issues:

1) on ITEM application, when i access the Select Value window for GLACCOUNT field,  the ORGID is not filled in automatically (as it happens on Locations app);

2) after I fill by hand in the ORGID, the GL Components are listed, I select one account.

3) when i press OK, i receive this error: ''BMXAA4176E - Attribute ORGID does not exist. Gather the logs from the <HOME> directory and determine the process or app referencing the invalid attribute.''

Any ideas about this?