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‏2013-11-20T18:33:36Z | publish xmlaccess

I need to add some custom instructions to the .deployment/publishPortlets.xml and I assumed that I could do that in publishPortlets.xml.8.0.template but it appears that this doesn't work. Any suggestions on how to proceed? What is publishPortlets.xml.8.0.template used for anyways?


Thanks. Carl.

  • kevintap
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    Re: Custom xmlaccess script on publish


    Hi Carl,

    The publishPortltes.xml.8.0.template and publishPortlets.xml.template files are used by the Designer's publish action to build the XML access script that is run on the portal server to register the portlets in your project with the portal.  (If you have selected the option in the publish configuration to also create test portal pages, the script will also create portal pages and place your portlets on those pages.)  The one with the "8.0" in its name is used for Portal 8, while the one without is used for all previous versions of Portal.  These files are template files and are not necessarily used as-is to create the XML access script.  The Designer's publish action extracts portions of the template to copy and use in generating the script that is run.  Therefore, depending on what you want to add to this, the additions may not get copied into the actual generated script.

    Modifying these template files isn't necessarily recommended as a best practice.  These template files can be overwritten during a project upgrade or fixpack installation, in which case you would lose your customizations and need to manually merge your modifications.

    Perhaps if you can describe what your goal is here, we can recommend something to help.

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    Re: Custom xmlaccess script on publish


    I was trying to set portlet permissions and unique names but it turns out that those things don't need to be done with every publish. I decided to run those scripts on their own.