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Pinned topic Purify 7.0.1 problem with RHEL 4 update 4

‏2013-11-06T05:39:22Z | 7.0.1 purify

Dear ALL

We are using Red hat Linux 4.4 in our development servers, and getting some problem while working with Purify 7.0.1

When compiling the code with Purify, we are getting this message as linking error.

1  Linking
/home/cvsadmin/hlr/Release_2170/nig/cache/pearl/lib/ undefined reference to `__librt_enable_asynccancel@GLIBC_PRIVATE'
/home/cvsadmin/hlr/Release_2170/nig/cache/pearl/lib/ undefined reference to `__librt_multiple_threads@GLIBC_PRIVATE'
/home/cvsadmin/hlr/Release_2170/nig/cache/pearl/lib/ undefined reference to `__librt_disable_asynccancel@GLIBC_PRIVATE'

Purify engine: Error: The linker returned error code: 1

Kindly provide the solution.

Our developer has tried to compile the code with below library options along with purify options. Please find the attached consol log while compiling with purify.

-lm -L/usr/lib/nptl -lpthread -lc -lntl -lrt -lnsl

PURIFY_OPTIONS=-best-effort -cache-dir=/home/sudheerk/HLR_Purify/nig/cache -always-use-cache-dir -force-rebuild -max_threads=400

Pls help.