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‏2013-05-14T14:29:16Z | adding control elements in source to ucm

I have a stuation on a fairly new UCM V8 instance that I inherited.  Under my login (I am in the clearcase group) while working in my DEV stream I can create files then perform "add to source control," "check-in," check-out," etc.  The two developers that have joined this UCM Project can create view private files in their DEV views but as soon as they RClick and do "add to source control" they get a message that essentially says "you have no permission to perform 'mkbranch."  I looked in lstype and there are no triggers associated with this project.  I looked at the UCM policies and the toggle "allow all users to modify project"  says disabled. 

1.  Could this be the cause of the lack of the non-admins' ability to add to source control?

2. If I toggle the policy to "enable", exactly how much power does it give the non-admins to modify the project?

3. If I toggle as an experiment,  would it prevent me from toggling back to "disable" later without causing issues?

Thanks in advance for your help.