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Pinned topic C/C++ Host Dev with RDz

‏2014-01-28T10:23:41Z | c-development rdz

Looking for someone who uses RDz for C/C++ dev on host (not z/OS Unix) and has successfully configured build and debugging options.

  • VBatthish
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    Re: C/C++ Host Dev with RDz



    If you are doing development on MVS, then you need to configure your properties group with the appropriate options.  In the C/C++ tab, you will need to ensure that you configure appropriate compile options to generate debuggable objects (ie TEST, ATTRIBUTE(FULL), NOIPA, LIST, NESTINC(255), NOOFFSET, NOOPT, SOURCE, XREF).

    You should also setup debug on the Run tab, selecting the appropriate debug options and select the Run time options / Program parameters order.

    The you can just generate the JCL for compile link go.

    hope that helps. --V



  • smithkenny
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    Re: C/C++ Host Dev with RDz


    I've got it successfully building and debugging C/C++ with MVS. Yes, the Property Groups are key in this. Another recommendation, is that with RDz, you will need to use a different character set mapping than the default. Most of the default options in the z/OS File System Mapping view, will use 037 as the default character set mapping. This causes issues with square brackets (such as used with arrays) in C/C++ code. Instead, make sure those are mapped to 1047 Open Edition in your mappings.