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Pinned topic Help on a MS audit

‏2013-04-24T19:23:52Z |

Hi, we are about to get audited for the first time in a couple months and some folks within the organization are concerned on how MS does their audit and how strict they are with past history of installed software.

If we use SUA to report back software usage, find out who doesn't need certain apps and then uninstall the apps, will the auditors be able to go back into the program history and see that it was previously installed and thus find that we were out of compliance at a point in time? 

I didn't know the answer so hoping someone here might have experience with MS audits and can share?

Also, does anyone have suggestions on how to ensure SUA is picking up all MS products accurately such that the information that the audit eventually picks up isn't completely off from what SUA reports?

Thanks in advance!