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Pinned topic Build Deployments using ClearCase Remote Client

‏2014-02-28T11:41:57Z |


We have just started using CCRC (7.0.1) for deployment teams.

They need to obtain a build package using a label config spec (element * BUILD_LABEL1)

(In CCRC you have to include the line * CHECKEDOUT in the config spec which is not a problem)

However, once they have obtained the Build package from this config spec and they then update the config spec for example BUILD_LABEL2 and then apply it,  the package from BUILD_LABEL1 still remains visible but with (View private, state: discordance). Both packages are visible in the copy area.

They should only see the relevant file ie BUILD_LABEL2.

Is there any easy way to get it to sync and delete the previous files no longer referenced in the config spec?
I have tried Update Resource etc but they don't seem to do anything.