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I am using a datapage with data entry to create a grid.  One of the elements in the data tells me whether or not to disable the inputs for each row.  I am doing this in javascript which is called at the very bottom of the page.  This all works great until the user chooses to sort one of the columns.  Then the javascript doesn't get called when the re-sorted results come back.  I've tried document.onload and window.onload as well as looked at the client event handler builder but can't seem to get my head around this.  Any suggestions?




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    Re: Call JS function after sorting a column


    It sounds like it may be doing a partial page refresh of just the area of the page that's sorted.  If that's the case, then it's possible your javascript is in the outer page that's not being refreshed.   You might try putting in an inline script within the (sorted) area that's being refreshed, that calls your script function(s) that are located lower in the outer page.


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