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Pinned topic web-based monitoring tool for IBM WebSphere MQ

‏2016-07-20T20:39:15Z | 8.5 appserver monitor mq websphere

Regarding this slick package:

"A web-based monitoring tool for IBM WebSphere MQ"


I would like to install it on a WebSphere Appserver (not WebSphere Application Server for Liberty Profile).

It is not clear in the article (or documentation) why it cannot work on a straight u WAS appserver, but I have not been successful in getting it to start.

My question, has anyone managed to get it to work, and if so, what tweaks did you do to accomplish that?

This appears to be a nice, slick tool, with a small footprint, it would be very helpful for me to get this to work on my application servers

John Rees



  • thomaskerb
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    Re: web-based monitoring tool for IBM WebSphere MQ


    Hello there,

    have a look at BST eltromat, there you can get an overview to the topic web monitoring.

  • petersmith69
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    Re: web-based monitoring tool for IBM WebSphere MQ



    i also had the same issue . thomaskerb your answer was a bit helpful to me. thankyou.



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