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I have a query regarding If -Then Activity in Cast Iron Studio.

I am trying to add a conditional logic in the If-Then activity which also has multiple branches within.

For e.g.,   Name != ''  and  ((City  != '' and  State != '') or  Zip != '')

When I try to validate the above logic using the Advanced option - shows as Valid.

But the same logic shows validation/syntax error when validated through the Builder option ( tried to switch between these options back and forth)


Error -----Left Hand Expression is not valid : XPath Syntax error at char <> in {}: expected ")", found <eof>"] --------

Could you please help to resolve the syntax error in the Builder so that the project can be fully validated right.



Swetha Rai

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    Re: If - Then Activity in Cast Iron


    I would suggest you perform the validation on a customize javascript function instead at the If-Else branch. It's always better to keep the if-else branch less complicated and just branching out the logic based on different flow scenarios.