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Geeta Lagad
Geeta Lagad
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Pinned topic Unable to run the transaction in MDM 9.0

‏2016-09-23T10:43:46Z | mdm-migration


I am getting below error while executing any transaction in my local MDM server. I am using MDM version 9.0


Error in LoadCategorisedCodes,getCodeWithinCategory() : com.dwl.base.exception.DWLReadException:

I have checked the CDCATEGORISEDCODESTP table as well,it has data present in it. Still not able to figure it out.

could anyone help me on this.


Thanks in advance.


-Geeta Lagad

  • KaranBal
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    Re: Unable to run the transaction in MDM 9.0


    A use case would be useful, but this seems to indicate that the system is unstable and wasn't able to complete the request, network, high CPU, hardware, etc.

    As far as the product is concerned, we've had some defects like IC65396 and IC70373 which sort of look relevant but enough data to say.