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Hi All,

I am interested to learn about pseudo map in WTX. I am using WTX 8.3. Could you please let me know how to create pseudo map and what is its use?





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    Re: Creating Pseudo Map in WTX


    You can create pseudo map using Integration flow designer (IFD). Generally used to create on-fly maps by support team.

    Pseudo map components

    Pseudo maps are placeholders for executable maps that have not yet been implemented. You can add pseudo map components to single-server systems.

    To add a pseudo map component to a system:

    1. In the system window, place the focus on a system.
    2. From the toolbox, click on the pseudo map.
    3. In the system window, click where you want to insert the pseudo map.

      The Add Pseudo Map(s) dialog is displayed.

    4. Enter a name for the pseudo map component and click Add.

      The component name displays in the Component Name column in the Add Pseudo Map(s) dialog.

    5. Continue to add as many names for pseudo maps that you want to include as components in your system definition diagram.

      A check mark automatically appears next to the component name to indicate that it will be added to the system file. You can also do the following:

      Component names must be unique within a system. A warning message appears if you try to add a duplicate component name.

      • Change the component name by clicking Modify Name.
      • Add a document link by clicking Browse Link.
    6. Click OK.