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Hi All,

Can any one help me in understanding architecture of Data Stage 8.x. As in its is a Client/Server Architecture or SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). It would be great if some one can explain this with an appropriate example or explanation.


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    Re: Data Stage Architecture


    This is something which I got from IBM documentation of Datastage 8.x -

    you can also see IBM Redbooks for more details

    One computer
    - Engine, metadata repository,services, and clients all on one computer
    - A single computer with adequate resources is convenient for demonstrations and small-scale development.This one computer ideally is a server-class computer that must meet the system requirements, such as memory, disk space, and other requirements.

    Two computers
    - Computer 1: engine, metadata repository, and services ; Computer 2 or more: one or more computers as clients
    - High availability and failover are simpler to manage with all of the server components on a single
    computer, because the server components fail over all at one time. This topology also eliminates network latency between the services and metadata repository tiers when they are on the same server.

    Three computers
    - Computer 1: engine Computer 2: metadata repository and services Computer 3 or more: one or more computers as clients
    - The engine can require additional processing power for larger data integration jobs. The location of the engine on a different server prevents the engine from affecting the operations of the services and metadata repository.Failover configuration is more complex because of the increased number of failover scenarios with the engine separated from the metadata repository and services.