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Pinned topic Is there any way to insert a break point in rhapsody like vc?

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          it always confused me that, when a rhapsody project goes wrong, the error only can be located on a state, not the code line. so i wonder how to debug in rhapsody?

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    Re: Is there any way to insert a break point in rhapsody like vc?


    Hi buptxch,

    Please see below is one of several ways to run Rhapsody application under VS debugger:
    1. Start Rhapsody
    2. Navigate to an active configuration
    3. In Settings tab, select "MSVC" in "Environment" field.
    4. In Settings tab, select "Debug" in "Build Set" field.
    5. Change IDEVersion property to "VC10"
    6. Build the model 
    7. In MSDEV click on File->Open and select the executable produced in the component's directory
    8. Open Main<Your Component Name>.cpp
    9. Set break point on main() 
    10. Click Play button in MSDEV and make sure the breakpoint works. 
    If you want to step into OXF code as suggested by "..., not the code line ",
    you have to rebuild your OXF framework entirely with the command below:
    %..\Share\LangCpp>nmake -f msbuild.mak USE_PDB=TRUE MS_VER=VC10
    Also mentioned in the technote below:
    With the successful compilation, you should see a series of PDB files generated under ..\Share\LangCpp\lib.
    Now try Steps 7-10. I hope it will be of any help. Please feel free to correct me if my understanding is wrong. 

    Best Regards,

    Additional Reference:
    "IBM Rational Rhapsody and Visual Studio 2008"