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‏2014-02-20T14:32:06Z | bigdata linux powerlinux workshop

Hi all,

We are going to organize a Workshop for our business partners around PowerLinux, especially oriented to Analytics.

Do you have any material to recommend that kind of instructs or gives guidelines on how to lead such a workshop?


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    Hi Andrea, 

    There are multiple ways to approach this.     Since this message board forum is open on the web, this is a great place to talk about many of the advances coming with PowerLinux, Power8, PowerKVM, and the focus on analytics as seen with Watson and IBM's Cloud work.

    There's a great link on for how "IBM Helps Partners with Cloud, Big Data, Analytics Efforts

    Another page for "IBM PowerLinux big data solutions" has a number of good articles and reference points for analytics.

    If you're more interested in the mechanics of setting up a workshop run by IBM, we can help get you hooked up with a number of people inside IBM.    Feel free to contact me at wmb at

    We can of course answer more technical questions and observations here - from you or others interested.