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‏2013-11-20T14:36:01Z | oslc synergy


I'm having some problems with the OSLC for Synergy. Recently I've found that Synergy provides it's own OSLC implementation and wanted to give it a try, but it seems the implementation is either not finished or server configuration is not complete to support it.

The problem is as follows:

In a REST client I issue a GET with the following URI:



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<rdf:type rdf:resource="" />
Invalid username or password. The username or password is invalid. Verify that server address, username, and password are correct. If the engine host is an Windows machine, then also check if ccm_ess is running.


Thing is that when I enter:


I'm given the list of serviceProfider links: i the shape of:

  1. <dcterms:title>Synergy OSLC SCM Service Provider Catalog</dcterms:title>
  2.   <dcterms:publisher>
  3.     <oslc:Publisher>
  4.       <rdf:type rdf:resource="" />
  5.       <dcterms:title>Synergy Services team</dcterms:title>
  6.       <oslc:label>synergy-team</oslc:label>
  7.       <dcterms:identifier></dcterms:identifier>
  8.     </oslc:Publisher>
  9.   </dcterms:publisher>
  10.   <oslc:serviceProvider rdf:resource="http:/IP:port/oslc/scm/database/db1" />
  11.   <oslc:serviceProvider rdf:resource="http:/IP:port/oslc/scm/database/db2" />
  12.   <oslc:serviceProvider rdf:resource="http:/IP:port/oslc/scm/database/db3" />
  13.   <oslc:oauthAuthorization>
  14.     <oslc:OAuthConfiguration>
  15.       <rdf:type rdf:resource="" />
  16.       <oslc:oauthRequestTokenURI rdf:resource="http://fixmelater" />
  17.       <oslc:oauthAuthorization rdf:resource="http://fixmelater" />
  18.       <oslc:oauthAccessTokenURI rdf:resource="http://fixmelater" />
  19.     </oslc:OAuthConfiguration>
  20.   </oslc:oauthAuthorization>
  21. </oslc:ServiceProviderCatalog>
  22. </rdf:RDF>

Am I doing something wrong or simply there more that I have to setup, that is not described elswhere, it seems that the specification was abandoned before it reached it's maturity, thus no examples. If someone could help me with this please tak a moment and share.



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