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Pinned topic Installation of some components failed

‏2013-05-29T05:20:28Z | biginsights hadoop hive monitoring orchestrator sheets

IUI0005E: The installation failed with fatal error: Failed to install BigInsights component(s).

Installation failed on component(s):    Hadoop, Hive, BigInsights orchestrator, Sheets, Monitoring

Verification failed on component(s):    HBase

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    Re: Installation of some components failed


    Looks like there was an issue in sync time, once the installer sync'd the system clock on the server, all file modification time somehow changed, that messed up the cksum history and installer would think files were not up-to-date after deploy. The work around is, edit $where_u_extract_installer/installer/hdm/bin/, comment out following lines

    # sync time among all machines
    info "Progress - Synchronizing system time"
    $home/bin/hdm -progress=$PROGRESS_FROM,$PROGRESS_TO synctime 1>&2
    [ $? -eq 0 ] || warn "synctime failed"

    since you're running on single server, this should be fine even without sync